Saturday, September 21, 2013


I thought I'd take a break in my 100 list to update on everything else. So I am down to just three chemo secessions. This is AWESOME. When I had 5 left they started to drag so I came up with "themo" instead of chemo. The idea was that everyone who came to chemo had to dress up in the theme for that week. Because I have the coolest friends and army, it has spread beyond my visitors. Teachers at my school get dressed up, the kids get dressed up, friends spread all over the country send me pictures of them in theme, my dad even got strangers at the airport to sport facial hair for me on mustache bash day! It seems like such a goofy thing but it has made me excited for chemo every week. I am so excited to see how everyone will be dressed. My social worker and some hospital staff have gotten involved even. Theme one was superheroes, two was mustache bash, and three will be 80s night if you're wondering what to wear this coming Thursday. I personally cannot wait to see Dana in a leotard.

I meet with my surgeon again this week to talk surgery details. We are still all set for Nov 15. My hospital bag has been packed for weeks and I already have my hospital sleepover buddies planned. So yeah... I'm a little anxious for this. Feeling prepared anyway I can helps. What am I gonna do in the hospital for a couple days? What am I gonna do during that long recovery? Thank the Lord for Netflix. I will be decomposing on the couch for a couple weeks. Anyone up for giving me sponge baths??
Overall I'd say that round 2 of chemo is better than round 1. The first 6 treatments were pretty well tolerated physically and just recently have new symptoms shown up. I'm still sleeping very poorly. My feet are numb or in pain from the neuropathy and just this morning I can feel tingles in my fingers. I pray that it doesn't hit my hands like it has my feet. I've had some nose bleeds, the eyebrows are almost gone, and I am done to 21 eyelashes (I counted). Turns out eyelashes do in fact serve a purpose, my eyes are always watering and sensitive now. Nausea has started to come back a little and in general my appetite is pretty nonexistent. I think the most challenging part has been keeping it together mentally. This fight is a long one and it's not something you coast through. Thankfully I've had some meds to help regulate that a bit. I have to give the most credit to my friends and family for keeping me together. Every time I've felt my spirit getting sucked out of me, the wonderful company of someone who loves me has saved me. No giving up here!
My dad and I got to go to the first hawks preseason game. It's always great to start with a win, especially against Detroit!! TR was looking especially sharp that night in his new Hawks jersey. I had been feeling pretty awful since my treatment on Tuesday, so time with my dad really fixed that. I loved seeing so many friends and fellow fans there too! Thanks again, Lauren!
The school year is going well. I'm exhausted but I get naps during lunch and everyone is incredibly supportive to my needs. I am quite spoiled. Time with the kids has been everything. They are wonderful and a joy to spend time with. Kids have a way of making you forget about whatever outside stuff you have going on and just enjoy what you're doing with them. I am so thankful for my loving class and their supportive parents.
I should be cleared to start working out again soon. I am looking forward to getting my heart rate up! My mom is ready to team up with me again and has been crafting a workout plan for me so I am strong and healthy for surgery. I am so blessed to have two of the greatest coaches to ever grace the swimming world as parents and I am excited to get to work under them again. If anyone is looking for some workouts or wants to help this girl get into shape let me know!! Even if that just means tying a donut to the back of your car while I huff and puff after you. Help would be appreciated. And considering how out of shape I am this could also be a great confidence booster for you! Think about it...

I think that about does it for general updates. I have a day of acupuncture, massage, and shopping with my mom and sister ahead of me. I'm excited for a mother daughter slumber party tonight! My parents new house is perfect and is starting to come together. I wish it was the whole fam together this weekend but my dad is out is Arizona for my grandfathers wedding! Welcome to the family Dorothy!!

I hope y'all have a lovely weekend with good company. Love and a million thanks!! :)

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