Thursday, March 27, 2014

less than a week to go!

I HAVE LESS THAN A WEEK OF TREATMENT LEFT!!!! HOOOOOLLLLLEEEEEEE GUAC!! I am over the moon and past Uranus over this. I am in the middle of week 46 with cancer and it'll be so nice to say "I'm a cancer survivor" instead of "I have cancer". After next Wednesday I will have a whole month without a check up. A WHOLE MONTH. I might have a plastic surgery appt in there but who cares. The end is so so so so close!
My skin is suffering from radiation. My scar is goopy and peely, and my armpit is on fire. Everything is very raw and irritated. I have about 800 freckles on the left side of my chest and my throat is still causing me lots of pain. But what is a few more weeks of this to never have to shave my armpit again? Oh and to be rid of any lingering evil cells. Otherwise I'm just really tired. I take 2-4 hour naps every day (how was I going to teach during this?) and they are the kind of naps that make me wonder if someone knocked me unconscious with a bag of bricks. I sleep SO HEAVILY. Even when I fall asleep during treatment I sleep hard for just a few minutes. I am a tired girl.
I don't have too much reflecting to do at this point. I have to get across that finish line first. Head down and plow through.
"I hated every minute of training but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'"

Since treatment days are coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to hear about what this adventure has been like from some other perspectives. I opened up my blog to some guest writers. Nela got the ball rolling with post one and there should be others to follow. I wish I had had others update more along the way because truly this has not been my fight, but our fight. And when it's all over it'll be our victory. Thank you all for loving me.

 Snuck off to Indy for a weekend to watch NCAAs. So fun to see old friends, new friends, and celebrate good ol' swimming. Special thanks to The Gills for making sure this could happen and for taking such good care of me and Sloane! What a loving, fun, and just plain wonderful family.
And to Sloane! For escorting me to and from and all over Indy! 
Our time together is so precious to me.

^Illinois' newest national champion- Sam Gill. 
Who knew that all it takes to achieve your dreams is wearing boxers that you stole from your friend in 8th grade?

Laurel Heath made me a bomb tie dye gown to wear during treatment :))))))



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