Tuesday, June 17, 2014

donde esta la biblioteca

hola amigos! coming at a ya live from tamarindo, Costa Rica. i've  been here for two days now and it has been perfect. the best thing about it is not having to leave in a week or two or three or four.. or even 5! i don't know how one can vacation any other way. i hope my new job allows for the breaks that teaching did!
day one was a long one of solo travels which sounded annoying at first, but i ended up really loving every quick minute of it. had a first class row to myself on the plane to San Jose. upon arrival i took a taxi to the bus station, where i ended up having to wait four hours for the next one to tamarindo. i started and finished the fault in our stars (great book and movie peeps, just keep those tissues handy), turned down various offers from men selling things, and tried with all my might to not drink too much because i had read it would be a 6 hour bus ride without bathroom breaks. thankfully not going to the bathroom is one of my talents.
once on the bus i missed the whole assigned seats deal but the hombre whose seat i took was kind enough to just trade since i was all settled in already with the dude next to me. he was a friendly faced man in his 60s and i shared a headphone with him until he fell asleep. the view from the trip was unbelievable and kept me from getting bored. i have never seen so much clean green. i was expecting it to be a lot more like haiti which is beautiful, but quite filthy in parts. there is no garbage to be seen on the streets and hills and leaves for miles. i finally arrived to the hotel at night and had to track down tim to let me in. of course he was already acquainted with the town and found a neat little hostel and bar to wait for me at. i dropped my stuff and we headed back there. the brothers that run it came over from france. there is an upstairs with a bunch of hammocks to sleep in and a large outdoor bar and dancing area downstairs. we hope to spend a couple nights there next week. it is right on the ocean and we found friends with the owners.

yesterday was a day of exploration. i went for a "run" in the morning and got WORKED by the hills here. mornings are quite in tamarindo and i had much of the town to myself. after my run we went exploring, around the town and beaches. we saw a monkey herd up in the trees and a ton of iguanas. the sand is covered with crabs of all kinds and pretty shells and sand dollars. it's crazy to see things that only existed at zoos or in gift shops to me just out in the open every few feet.
the beach was pretty empty and we had big stretches of it to ourselves. i spent some time exploring on my own, and of course the first group of men i meet watching the usa game are from wrigleyville. needless to say, i did not stick around to talk to them for long. i didn't travel all this way to find mutual friends. i had a couple beers by the pool after and then we went out on the town. i had fresh fish tacos for dinner and a watermelon mojito. we hung out at the hammock hostel again with our friends there and took our jungle shortcut home. tamarindo is a beautiful, active town. the people are very friendly and all seem to be on the same schedule.
today i'm going to find two friends from home.  they are in tamarindo for the next two nights and really know the town. it's always nice to  see a familiar face. and just in time for latin night too!! i am a terrible dancer but i'll be dammed if i don't give salsa dancing a go! here's to hoping i left my father's rhythm at home!
hope you all are enjoying your june! pictures to come...

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