Monday, June 23, 2014


heyo nicaragua mang. we are currently in popoyo, nicaragua. so far i am on team nica if i had to choose between costa and here. Costa Rica was quite touristy where we were but nicaragua is wide open and beautiful and from what i hear how Costa Rica used to be. the white man hasn't taken over too much of it.. yet. we are staying at magnific rock, which is a restaurant slash hotel slash hostel slash apartments slash huts. we are in a cabin with a bathroom and electricity and big fans. it has been cooler here than in costa too so ac isn't necessary and i even need a sheet over me during the night. it's really windy and when it rains.. ahhh. the surf here is the best known and it's been easy to navigate where to go when with the help of locals. it hasn't been crowded at all. the friends i've made are from all over and some will definitely be a part of my life post nica. i've made a lot of buddies who live in la which will be fun for the future! one of them is a hot shot eyebrow stylist-always a good friend to have :)
we traveled to Popoyo from Tamarindo on my birthday. that was a day of big travel, a Costa Rican futbol triumph over italy, which meant no one else was traveling so it made it easy for us. upon arrival we purchased an obscene amount of nicaraguan rum, made it to popoyo, and got settled into a lazy afternoon. ocean swims happened, then we went to dinner for my birthday and to the hot springs after. sadly this is the second year in a row without birthday cake for me. but i guess it is worth it to be here. maybe... i guess what i'm trying to say is if anyone can have a big ol costco cake (vanilla/yellow) waiting for me upon arrival i'd really appreciate it. jewel is bueno too.
the only snag in my trip so far was being mauled by rocks out in the ocean which landed me in a "hospital". there was a big language barrier but i still had a great time with the medical folks who treated me and got somewhat of a pedicure from one of the assistants. it was a lot of blood and a decent amount of stitches later that is keeping me from the ocean for a week. i am counting down the minutes until i can get back in the water. or walk around for that matter. yes, they did give me antibiotics too so i'm gonna do my best to rest and avoid infection. there is a french man here that we have befriended named Franck who used to be a pro surfer and has quite the first aid kit so I am in good hands. the whole situation did make me a little homesick though and wanting to be comforted. just one of those times when you realize you're an adult now though so i sported my big girl pants and kept my smile on. the real tragedy might be that it ruined my favorite tattoo. fingers crossed.
i wish i had something exciting to say i was needing to head off to, but in reality i am just going to plop down in a hammock, do some writing, and take a nap. it's a good life.

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  1. Kayla the wave was just redesigned by a bigger wave! LOL