Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jungle boogie

So nicaragua wasn't all stitches and elevating. I pushed my wounds limits and got in the pool, went for walks, and even quick dipped in the ocean. It could have been somewhat of a torturous time but Gwen and I found a little gem called Rancho Santana and suddenly it was paradise perfection. Rancho is a private living community with a little store, horses, tennis courts, a gorgeous pool, and the best restaurant ever, all over looking one of the best breaks in Popoyo. I spent the first day with just one leg and one arm in the water but once I got the ok from a spicy murse, I was fully in that pool. Gwen and I had numerous mojitos, nachos on nachos, and enjoyed fast wifi. Maybe not what I was supposed to be doing there but it was what I did. Tim, Gwen, and I had a spa day at Rancho too, complete with massages, pedicures, and manicures. Tim went bold to the beach the next day with his bright green and orange toes. Overall, Nicaragua was a great places to meet new friends and relax. I didn't get the waves I wanted, but at least I know where to go and have friends to see next time I do.
After almost ten days in Nicaragua, the four of us headed back to Costa Rica. Tim and I got to spend a few days at Casablanca with Gwen and Reese, and Diego of course! Diego lives in Costa Rica and is our go to Tico for all our native needs. He has tons of "Diego-isms" and I'm sort of worried that so many weeks with him has ruined my English a little. "We go horses back riding."
When Gwen and Reese left we spent a couple nights at Pasatiempo. It was a lazy couple days of drinking and figuring out the next move. There was quite a bit of dancing and I don't wanna point any fingers but there might have been a trunk splitting incident when someone was trying to be Chris Brown. Unreal moves. Totally worth it. It was fun to be in Costa Rica during their amazing World Cup run! I really enjoyed the national pride and community that they show cased during this time. We watched the final game way out in the jungle with a local family and I saw the 7 year old girl cry her broken heart out when they fell to Holland. I laughed at this but also found it pretty cool. I get being 7 and crying when YOU lose, but when your country loses? That would have been beyond me at 7. I love the connection they all feel to their land. I should mention it just took a little dancing to get her to stop and the rest of the day we played and painted nails and put flowers in our hair. Not bad day at all.
We have been out in the jungle, the closest "major town" is Hojancha. So far this is my favorite part of the trip. This is where Diego lives along with the family that has become his family. Life here is simple, slow, and the authentic Costa Rica I have been craving this whole time. Diego lives in "casa plastico" aka plastic tarps hung on pieces of wood with a bed and all of his belongings inside. Well almost all of his belongings.. We helped Diego add another to his little collection, a car! Our own Taxi Plastico! Now whenever we return to Costa we have a car and a driver! The car is a real POS but it'll get us where we need to go. So far it have proven to run on prayers too. Every odd noises or empty case tank has been fixed with Diego's prayers for help. It's crazy. I really admire his faith and how much he relies on God. It was pretty inspiring. Now I'm not sure that God is the genie Diego continuously proves him to be, but it was neat to see. And the only thing he does more than ask God for help is thank Him. "Gracias Dios!!!"

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