Friday, November 15, 2013


I'm out of surgery and all I want to do is tell everyone how much I love them (and ask what time it is...repeatedly). I was curious what I would do in my loopy state after graduating from the recovery room, but thankfully it hasn't been anything embarrassing yet. (Much to the dismay of Brittany, who can't stop bragging about the Chicago hot dog she had for lunch.)

There are posters from all my kids and friends hung in my room and I've got my Hawks blanket keeping me warm.  (A little too warm, after all the body heat being generated from the friends and family who hung out at Evanston Hospital for the day.)  The doctors are very happy with how smoothly the surgery went, though I can definitely feel the pain in my left side. It looks as if I'll be camped out at Evanston Hospital until Monday, and though I might be in and out of sleep, I'll always welcome anyone who'd like to visit.  The hospital number to call is 847-570-2350 and my patient number to reference is 5752. Also feel free to get in touch with my parents or Brittany (732-299-7751) for updates and information.

Interim Kayla

Alright, that was my best Kayla impression for the moment. Since you've all been getting her perspective the past couple of months, I want to share how the day went from people who were actually conscious for it. Last night a bunch of us spent the night in a hotel with Kayla and helped her eat way too much junk food for her last meal before surgery. There were some heroic efforts on plates of whipped cream, and a family-sized bag of chips was hardly enough to feed our family.

An early-morning wakeup call roused us all from the beds we cuddled in, and we made our way to the hospital decked out in Hawks gear. We were the largest group there on a Friday morning and had to take turns rotating in Kayla's room. Sam Ciochon brought lots of laughs to wake our groggy eyes, and more visitors trickled in to give their love before Kayla went under.

We took over plenty of chairs in the waiting room with all of our belongings, while others from the community would stop by to drop off care packages of food for us (as if we needed any more). For some of us it was time to catch up, and others time to get to know each other. The hours went quickly and both doctors came back with smiles on their faces, bearing great news that surgery went as smoothly as possible. 

Back in the recovery room Kayla couldn't stop telling everyone how much love she had for us, and was so delighted at the simplest thing - us being around.  (No matter how annoying we may have all been with our loud cell phone conversations and interruptions while the doctors tried to help her.) It may have just been the drugs speaking, but we'll take the compliments without complaint.

I have no doubts everyone will keep up the passion and excitement for supporting Kayla through her recovery. The quality of people in Kayla's life is miraculous and she is so deserving - and I know she is grateful - to have them around and receive all their love. Thanks for keeping my best friend happy and cool during such a difficult time in her life. 

Brittany (and Debbie)

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