Monday, November 11, 2013

Well I have been enjoying myself and then some in this last week before surgery. I had a WHOLE week without any doctors appointments. 7 DAYS WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT… amazing. You all know how much I adore Evanston Hospital but still, it was nice to forget about that part of my life for a little bit. I went down to Ft Lauderdale for a few days and enjoyed the sunshine and ocean. I spent hours lounging in the pool and laughing my face off with Lisa and Wendy. I came home with darker skin and lighter hair so I was quite happy. The only little bump in my favorite vacation to date was getting called "sir" at Panera. Womp womp… But seriously, delicious margs, nonstop fish tacos, and constant sunshine.. I was the happiest girl in the world. Why do vacations have to end?
Thankfully I had a week of fun waiting for me back home. I had some pre op appointments and got everything I needed for surgery all together. On Wednesday night I went to a Hawks game with Paul, thanks to a Baker family, and we had excellent seats that sat me also close to Patrick Sharp as I'm allowed. My buddy Tommy Hawk came by and sat with us for a little which made for a great picture to send to my students who love him. 5B adores Tommy Hawks because he makes big messes, gave out tons of goodies, and got them out of math. What more could a kid want? I ran into some friends I haven't seen in a long time at the game along with my favorite Conklin kids. I love Brittney and Scott. They are the ultimate sibling duo and two of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. It was awesome to see a Jet get slammed through the glass but it was even cooler seeing Brit waving away behind Sharpie on a jumbotron interview! That basically means they're in love, right?
After the game we went to the Fratelli's concert at the Metro. Conklins spoil me. It was the perfect way to wrap up a Hawks victory, seeing the band that sings "Chelsea Dagger" play it live. We were the happiest kids in the world. Another plus was running into Andy at the concert- great to see you again!! Thanks for the song shout out too!
My good friend Tim came into town on Thursday from California and has been here since. It means a lot to have him around, he's one of those fools that keeps me laughing and forgetting anything else but what's going on right then. Laughing is everything now. Plus he's just a really great dude. I'm lucky to have him here. 
On Friday I had a going away party for my boobs downtown. Around fifty of my friends came to send them off. I was totally blown away by the turn out. Thank you all for coming, I had such a blast and I hope you all did too. We started out on a sun deck near the Hancock and then moved on to Barn and Company (thanks for the party Barn and Co!!) Both were awesome. Lots of dancing and fun. And pizza. I think I ate a whole pizza that night… oops?? (maybe that's why my tummy is all jacked up still) My cousin Cobi came and it was so fun to hang out with him. My sister and brother-n-law were there also, just always great to have family around. The best part of it all was how the most people anyone knew when they walked in the door was maybe 4 people but after no time at all you would have thought they were all long time friends. I had a perfect night and was blessed with the best company. Everyone that came means the world to me for all kinds of reasons. So thanks again guys, I was so touched to see that turnout. 
Saturday we went to brunch on the river and then were lazy turds on the couch. That night we went to Pretty Lights. It was my first electronic concert and probably my last. All of my friends love that stuff so I'm happy I finally went but it was totally not my thing. Too loud, too high pitched, and too visual. So I sat in the hallway of the venue, made a new friend, and spent some time with Dan for the first time in awhile. It was great catching up with him and really decent of him to skip the show so I had company. Thanks dude!
On Sunday my school had a zumba party for me and to raise money for our hospital. Zumba is not exactly my specialty but it was great to see all the teachers working out together and having fun doing it. Stacy killed it up there teaching routines and my roommate Allie was awesome to watch teach too. I have no idea how those ladies move the way they do. Thanks for zero rhythm, Dad…
Since the zumba party I have just been up in Racine being spoiled by the O'neils. Tim and I have been fed to filling point meal after meal and have lounged it off. Nothing better than sitting in the hot tub with the lake crashing behind you. Wisconsin is so soothing. What a great state. And family. The O'neils have a way of making you feel so loved and special. There aren't many families as lovely as they are. I haven't even minded the awful snow coming down outside because I have been watching it through a window while I sit next to a fire. Happy, happy Kayla.
Lazy is a great way to describe the next few days. I plan on resting, seeing friends, and just getting my head ready for surgery. Phase two of treatment is finally here and I'm looking forward to getting through the next step. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for good spirits and healing.
Hope you all are enjoying yourself, expect to hear from me one more time before I'm cut up.
Love you all!

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  1. You have totally deserved this time chica! Love you and hope I get to roast you this week... There will be discussion of tie-dye and bagels. Still need to figure out how I am going to tie-dye a hospital gown... more information to come this week ;)