Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pre op!

Howdy! You won't hear much from me for awhile so I wanted to keep you up on a few things. You can always check my blog for updates, I'll have some guest writers on there. Also I'll have updates posted to Facebook from friends so keep an eye out for those. You can contact my parents for more news too. Feel free to blow up my phone and fb with fun love to return to.
My surgery is at 7am Friday at Evanston Hospital. Should be under 6 hours. I'm hoping to be out by Monday. I would love visitors, but sorry if I'm passed out or not a lot of fun if you do swing by! We'll have a place to leave notes and the Polaroid cam up and running again :)
Once I'm out of the hospital I'll be staying with my parents in Lockport while I recover. Again, come on by! We'd love to have you. It's far but don't leave me lonely, please :) Address to come..

Everyone has been asking about my plastic surgery and what cup size I'm going with. You should all know by know that the only cup size for me is Stanley!!!
So Friday rep some hawks wear! We'll be heading into the OR in ours! (is that allowed?)

One goal, people! One goal.

Much love!

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